Public Notice: Consumers Of Estate Agents’ Services

All consumers of the services by Estate Agents are hereby notified that the Estate Agents Act Cap 533 Laws of Kenya makes it mandatory for all Estate Agents - that is “persons who by way of business negotiate for or otherwise act in relation to the selling, purchasing or letting of land and buildings erected thereon” to be registered with the Estate Agents Registration Board. In this regards, all Estate Agents registered by the Board are issued with a Registration Certificate and are required to take out a Practicing Certificate in every year of practice. Please ensure that any Estate Agent you deal with provides you with the registration certificate as well as the annual practising certificate issued by the Board before you engage them.
In order for the Board to continue protecting the interest of the public and enhance professionalism in the real estate sector, consumers are encouraged to request the Estate Agents to produce a letter of good standing from the Board in addition to the certificates mentioned above.
Please report any person purporting to act as an Estate Agent without registration and a valid Practicing Certificate to the Board through our email
Details of registered Estate Agents in Kenya can be accessed from our website

Public Notice: Unregistered Agents

It has been brought to our attention that some members of the public, public and private organisations are procuring real estate services from unregistered persons. This is to bring to the attention of such person or institutions that it is illegal to engage or procure the services of unregistered persons as it is punishable by law. In addition, such persons are unregulated and not answerable to any legal body.
In addition, the Board wishes to warn that those carrying out such services without the certification and licensing by the Board will be apprehended and punished in accordance with the law.
The Estate Agents Registration Board wishes to notify the general public that the list of the registered Estate Agents can be obtained from the link: List of registerd members

Public Notice: Registration forms available online

You can now dowload registration forms and contact update forms amongst other resources from our resource center.

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